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Sales and Marketing In the Stone Industry

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The MIA+BSI is committed to providing quality sales education for professionals in the stone industry.  This course bundle will provide an overview of sales and mareketing in the stone industry.

Courses in Sales and Marketing In the Stone Industry
  • WM201: Webinar- Taking Control of Your Marketing- Targeting Your Customer

    Do you know who your best retail and business customers are currently?  Do you have a plan to target customers who best fit your company’s profile?  This session will discuss finding the profile of your best customers and using that information to target future customers.

  • WM210: Webinar- Become Your Own Trend Tracker

    How do you plan for the next design trends that will affect your company?  What discussions do you have with your team before you plan your next product launch?  This session will discuss a process for tracking design trends and how this process could yield sales for your company. 

  • WM310: Webinar- Introduction to Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is a great way to track the type of customers that come to a business’s website.  In this session, we will discuss Google Analytics and how a business can use this feature to track where customers come from, how long they stay, and what path they take as they navigate a website.